Navigation Skills

Navigation Anyplace Wild  is a new generation “coffee table suitable” self-study workbook. Suitable for anyone who needs to navigate in the outdoors.  Navigation on foot is the main focus of the training but it will be tremendously useful for people in vehicles, horseback and all terrain vehicles as well. If you need to use a map and compass, (or GPS), this work-book is for you. 

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  • Full color layout and a pleasure to read due to unique layout design
  • Practical tasks completed in the work-book
  • Additional practice tasks available from this website – pending
  • Tasks customisable for any region of the world
  • Tasks allow you to practice skills at home before heading out there
  • Revised to be suitable for any place in the world
  • 160 plus pages
  • 240mm x 170mm easy size to read and transport
  • 128 gram gloss paper
  • Facebook group discussion and advice from other readers and navigators

Despite being an office bound doctor I try to get away as often as I can to more exotic places such as Gorongoza, Mulanje or Madagascar.    In all these outings navigation is critical, and for a part timer like myself it is easy to forget the skills, hence an easy to use practical hands on manual like this has been invaluable.” Bill

“As a Navigation and Survival lecturer I have found the text: “Navigation, Anyplace Wild” to be an extremely valuable resource. I have been able to use the text to refresh my skills (and learn some new ones) and to teach my students; some of whom had never seen a map before. This book is simply written so as to be easy to follow for self study and is easy to adapt for use as a teaching tool. All the navigation information I require is in here – no other resource is required. I am a better navigator and better navigation teacher thanks to this text. I know of no other book of this kind in this country.” – James

Welcome to our world of adventure